As a Christian living in an environment that often feels like some kind of alternate reality, paradox is a part of my existence. It is my hope to speak honestly as I share my observations of this crazy world.

A little bit about me:

* I am a singer, songwriter and music educator, working as a professional since 2004.

* I’m married to Ted Beam, my best friend, humble leader, and musical collaborator.

* I am the mother of two amazing boys, who bring me deep joy and rock my world daily.

* I am a homeschool mama, constantly challenged and inspired by learning alongside my boys and students.

* I believe in the 5 Solas:  Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, & To God Alone Be Glory.

* I love to cook ridiculously fancy, gourmet food from scratch.

* I am a rehabilitated christian-mystic.

* I love to travel, and try new and crazy things. Next on my list: Japan.

* I now live in Sacramento. I have also lived in Los Angeles, Tennessee, Monterey, New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, Germany, Kentucky, Berkeley & Missouri.

* I tend to ramble. But if you hang around, you’ll figure that out yourself 🙂