Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper)!


In 2010, when I was living in L.A., I went to a cafe with a friend. Randomly, in the car on the way there, the topic of the show The Wonder Years came up – specifically the character of Winnie Cooper. When we arrived at the cafe, who walked in the door, but Danica McKellar!?! It was so insanely crazy, because we had just been talking about her. I had just given birth to Field, my first son, and had him with me. Danica was pregnant, so she started asking questions about my birth experience. I shared about having him born naturally at home, and she said she was planning on using hypnosis to try to avoid pain during childbirth.

After meeting her, she was on my heart, and I prayed for her to come to salvation in Christ. Over the years, when I recalled bumping into her, I continued lifting her up in prayer. Then recently I saw in the news that SHE HAS BECOME A CHRISTIAN! Praise God! He puts people in our paths for many reasons, not the least of which is so that we can pray for them. We sometimes never know whether God answers those prayers or not, but in this case, I am super thankful that I got to see that God heard and answered those prayers for Danica. Praise God!