One never knows where friendship grows.
In our own garden? I suppose.
Or maybe He who planted us 
Binds our hearts together thus:

As He sees the moving parts,
One is near, or one is far,
Yet in Him, they are bound to be
One, as sisters in His body.

And this is now the joy I know,
That in His garden, we do grow,
Though different colors, varied shapes,
We yet reflect our Saviors face.

For in you, my friend, I have seen
My precious Jesus’ love for me,
In the way you turn to Him
In your struggle with your sin,
And how you empathize and care
When others hurt, and might despair
– You and your praying heart are there.

And though sometimes your words may fail,
And your own thoughts become a veil,
You are kept, you are won
By the one true God, and His Son.
And every awkward moment here
Will one day all just disappear…

And in that day we both shall see
Ourselves as we were meant to be.
We’ll realize then, that all along
Christ’s righteousness covered up our wrongs
Like a white robe – the light of Christ:
Now we are clothed; Now we’re made right.

Such glory is beyond all words,
That blessings flow beyond this world,
And that in heaven, when we go,
Our friendship here: it will still grow.