You were born in September

Subject to the fall
Of angels and men
From the womb
Straight into sin

You fell from grace
Your intended place
By his side
– So your innocence was thus deprived

This fall
Has claimed us all

From great to small we built a wall
Stone by stone laid the mantra down
Of “I can do whatever I want”

We chose to separate from our Creator
Deeming ourselves to be greater
As if we could question the Revelator
– And you are no exception

You, my child

New, tender green
No turning yet
Of your leaves
To signify you’ve been deceived

For though you are the child of me
You are still a son of Eve
And spiritually you had to leave Eden
Before you were even

Though, my child

No sinful thought has yet been caught
No consequence has yet been taught
Your salvation has been bought
The nails were driven in the spot
Of the one we all have mocked
Taking on your punishment
He was filled with love, no resentment
Receiving lashes for your hate
And even had his Father forsake him
– So that you would never walk alone

But ignorant
You sip and suck
Milk – warm, generous
Given from my love
And His design as your mother
I pray for Him to mercifully cover
Your multitude of sins not sinned
Your choosing your way instead of him
For you my child are completely new
You can’t yet hold down solid food
But this world will try to force-feed you
Tantalizing treats, so sweet
But rotten to the core beneath
Like the white witch and her turkish delight
Darkness masquerades as light
But God

In his grace

Entered time and space
The Light of the world
In whom there is no
Or shifting shadow
Pierced the darkness
To take your place
In the seat of judgment

He paid the ultimate cost

Experienced ultimate loss
Identifying with us in
Our dismal state
When we were dead and buried
That’s when he raised the stakes
So that we could be raised up
– With him

He left his Father
And his heavenly home
Emptied himself
Set aside his throne
To become a man
Tempted and weak
In mortal flesh
So that he could defeat
All we struggle with

Taking it in his beaten skin
So he breathed the world’s pain in

He who was without birth
Entered woman’s womb

He, outside of time or space
Entered creation’s room

Thus God did what we couldn’t do

Setting aside his power for a time
To live, then die, then come back to life
So that once and for all
Death would die
And hold no power for you or I


You can lift
Up your head
To the receive His word
And all he’s said
And loudly proclaim
And boldly sing
“O Death,
Where now is your sting?”

This Creator of you and me
Came to be our servant-king

To bring us to life
Then to life from the dead

Born first of flesh
Dead in our sin
Then born of the Spirit
Back to life again

Through His resurrection

The lamb who was slain
Jesus is His name!
And He is the Life,
The Truth and the Way
He alone has the power
To save
And even
To be

So my child

I pray you won’t strive after wind
Trying to be a “good” person
But that you will know the truth
That you need help, and he’s given that to you

And that because he did what he did
You, my child, can truly live
And thank him, your God
For giving his Life!
For being born
Into sorrow and strife
Enduring humiliation
To make propitiation
And being willing to see it through
Even to death
On a cross

So my child

Your story’s begun

And if you respond
Your Victory’s been won

And every desire and need not yet known
Has already been found in this One

The one true God
Creator of you
Small though you are
Seeming perfect and new
He knows your heart
Through and through
And has spared no expense

To bring you back from the Fall
He has risked and given it all
That you might know Him
He lived, died and lived
So that you could be spiritually born again
So that you