John Williams!


When I was living in L.A. going to school at USC, a group of friends and I did a prayer walk, to pray for Hollywood. We spread out all over town in different groups, and I ended up in the group at USC, which notably has relationships with both Spielberg & Lucas. While we were sitting on the Thornton School of Music campus praying, we started to hear the most beautiful orchestral music floating through the air… It was the sountracks to movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman… We all stopped and commented on how cool it was to hear movie themes playing, right when we were praying for the movie industry! But then we realized that the music wasn’t coming from speakers… We followed the sound to a theatre building on campus, between the music and film schools. That’s when we realized that it was John Williams himself, conducting a live orchestra on campus!

We continued praying outside the theatre, then when the show was over, we saw John Williams and film executives chatting on the lawn. As we walked amongst them we prayed silently. When it was over, we were all amazed… God had brought the movie industry directly to us, so that we could pray over them! We had no idea, but God used His perfect timing to work powerfully that night. Maybe one day we’ll know how those prayers were answered, but for now, it remains another example to me that God is in control.